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Multiplayer Reference

Multiplayer  class documentationClass DebugAction

Namespace: PlayerIO.GameLibrary
Language: C# / .NET

Assign this attribute to any method on your Game class, and the development server will feature buttons to trigger your method.

This is great during development because it allows you to trigger events directly on the server without having to trigger them from your client

If your method takes two int arguments (int x, int y), then your debug action will show up on clicks to the debug visualization.


This code will cause a stop button to appear in the debug server when running the game.


This is how you add a debug action that is accessible via the right-click context menu on the debug visualization in the development server.


For the really nitpicky developers, it's possible to embed an icon into a game and have it used instead of the builtin icons.

In this case, a 16x16 png called add.png is embedded in the game dll: