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PayVault makes it easy to add ingame payments and/or a complete virtual currency system to your game, complete with an optional secure bought-item management system.

Each user is given a secure vault that stores their virtual currency balance (we call it coins), and any items they've purchased with PayVault. The API contains simple methods for getting and refreshing the contents of the Vault as well as buying items or coins.

PayVault integrates with many different payment providers, so you can work with exactly the payment providers you want, and effortlessly switch between them any time.

PayVault Essentials

When you're just getting started with PayVault, our essentials guide provides a quick bird's-eye view of the entire system. Reading it should be the first step in learning how to use PayVault.
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Coins, Virtual Currency and Microtransactions

PayVault includes a virtual currency / microtransaction system that gives each user coins that can be used in game. Users can buy coins using various PayVault providers, and PayVault takes care of security and encryption and postback handling while you control the end-user experience completely.
Coins, Virtual Currency and Microtransactions »

PayVault Items

Each user also has secured managed items in their vault. You define the items that can be purchased and their price in coins or real world currency such as USD, and use the API to to buy, give and use items, as well as listing which items a user has purchased.
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PayVault Providers

PayVault doesn't directly accept money from end-users, but instead relies on a set of PayVault providers, such as PayPal, Facebook, SuperRewards, TrialPay, and Kongregate to gather money from end users.
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PayVault Guides (How do I...?)

We have prepared guides for the most common use-cases of PayVault to help you get started quickly. Check these out if you want to for example quickly know how to sell the full version of your game.
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Control Panel

There is also a fully featured user Control Panel in PayVault, where you can inspect what's in user's vaults, view transactions and overall PayVault analytics for your game.
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