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Notifications - iOS

Configuring Push Notifications with Apple

  • Go to the iOS Dev Center
  • Go to 'Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles'
  • Create an App using an explicit App Id under Identifies (no wildcards). While creating the identifier, enable push notifications.
  • Create a development certificate for the app and download it as a .cer file and install the .cer into the Login Keychain.
  • Open Keychain Access and go to 'My Certificates' and expand your certificate, select the private key within it and export it as a .p12 file
  • In the Notifications admin portal, go to the default Configure tab and click 'Upload Development Certificate' and select the .p12 file you created in the previous step.
  • Enter the connect user ids of the users that will be using your development version. For these users, the system will use the sandbox APNS server. You do not need to do this for production notifications.
  • Create an iOS Provisioning Profile for development and download it. As verification, open the resulting .mobileprovision file and make sure there is a key called "aps-environment" in there somewhere.

Registering an Android device as a Notification endpoint

You need to register the device id through the Client Libraries. This identifier will be the device token that Apple will provide via the didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken event.

The endpoint type for this platform is called "ios-push-notifications".

Please see the documentation of the registerEndpoint method in the Notifications API for the iOS Client Library on how to invoke it.