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PlayerIO Publishing Network

The PlayerIO Publishing Network is a network of game sites and destination portals with a large global audience.

You can publish your game to all participating sites with just a single integration with the network authentication and payment services.

Participating sites

The PlayerIO Publishing Network is currently in BETA. We're still working on deals with participating game sites and destination portals. For now the site is the only site participating in the network.

It's simple and fast to get your game onto the Publishing Network:


Integrate with the Publishing Network Canvas

Make your game available on the Publishing Network and receive authenticated users to your game.

Publishing Network Canvas »


Accept Payments with Publishing Network Payments

Integrate with the Publishing Network Payments to provide users with a secure, streamlined way of buying virtual goods in-game across the entire network.

Revenue is divided with the industry standard split of 70% for you and 30% for PlayerIO and the hosting gamesite.

Publishing Network Payments »


(optional) Use social features to make your game more fun

Access profiles and friend lists to make your game more fun for social players.

  • Profiles Access user names and profile information
  • Friendlist Access friend/social graph functionality

Publish your game

Once you're ready, submit your game for publishing so it can be approved on the PlayerIO Publishing Network.

Simply fill out all the information on the Publishing tab in the control panel, and we'll review your game for publishing.