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PayVault Revenue

PayVault comes with revenue reporting, allowing you to track how much money you are actually making, in whichever currencies you charge you users in, across all providers you are using.

The quality of the reporting ultimately depends on the actual provider, and we strongly recommend you to always double-check the figures with each provider, since they are the final authority on your revenue.

Revenue Normalization

example payvault item
Creating a PayVault item in the PayVault Control Panel

In addition to per-currency reporting, it is also possible to use the PayVault normalization setup to get aggregated revenue reporting.

By selecting a target currency, and by entering exchange rates between this and all other currencies you get revenue in, PayVault can show you an additional graph containing all your revenue converted to your target currency. This allows you to much easier make comparisons between for example PayPal and Facebook, by setting USD as a target currency and specifying an exchange rate from Facebook Credits to USD, or vice versa if you for some reason want the aggregated revenue in FBC.

Some payment providers do not provide us with exact revenue tracking, and to solve that problem and be able to show them in the normalized revenue, there's three special currencies you can set up exchange rates from, namely 'COINS_FROM_SR', 'COINS_FROM_KONG', and 'COINS_FROM_PERSONALY', representing Coins from SuperRewards, Kongregate, and, respectively. Using these, coin purchases through these two providers can be normalized to your target currency.

The normaliztion setup is also used for all the PlayerInsight revenue statistics, so it is important that you set this up if you want the advanced tracking and statistics to work perfectly.