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The absolutely most common use-case for BigDB is to store data on a per-player basis, and making sure that one player cannot read or modify the data of another player.

All games have a table called PlayerObjects with those access rights, and there are convenience methods in the APIs for accessing this table.

On the client-side there's the method loadMyPlayerObject which makes it very easy to work with this table like this:

In C# multiplayer code

On the server-side there is a new method on the Player class called GetPlayerObject which will load the PlayerObject associated with the Player.

There is also a new property called PlayerObject, and if you set the property PreloadPlayerObjects on your Game object to true, the PlayerObject will be preloaded for each player when they join the game. The value of this property will also never be null, if you haven't stored a PlayerObject for a player before, the property will return an empty DatabaseObject.

This means that it requires very little code to work with this table, as shown in this example: