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  • Supports Buying Coins:
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Gambit PayVault Provider

Gambit is especially great to implement due to their robust task and video inventory.

Setting up your Gambit account

  1. Sign up for Gambit on
  2. Create a new Campaign, and specify the Campaign name and your currency name as you like.
  3. When asked for the postback url, enter this:

Configuring Gambit on Player.IO

  1. Enable Gambit in the PayVault admin panel for your game.
  2. Enter the campaign identifier into the "Campaign Identifier" field. When you edit a campaign on the Gambit website you should see a section called Embed Code that contains the HTML tag for an IFrame. The identifier is the value of the "k" parameter in the source querystring.
  3. Enter the secret key into the "Gambit Secret" field. You can find this value by clicking the link at the bottom of the edit campaign page on the Gambit website.

Buying Coins: GetBuyCoinsInfo()

Example of buying coins with Gambit in ActionScript 3:

Optional GetBuyCoinsInfo() Arguments
gender Please refer to the "Gambit Payment Panel" section of the Gambit Integration Documentation for more information.
Result Values
gambiturl The URL the user should visit to earn Coins. You can show this in a popup or an IFrame.