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The fastest way to build online games without breaking a sweat.


Sitebox is the easiest way to build and host a Facebook App or website for your game.

Facebook Apps and games are usually really complicated to build; you have to learn all about the Facebook platform and their always changing authentication methods. However, with Sitebox you're just a few clicks away from having your own complete Facebook App up and running, preloaded with a fully featured sample game that you can learn from, customize or even remove if you want to build your own app completely from scratch.

Sitebox also makes it really easy to set up a static website for your game on your own domainname.

Sites are based on GameFS folders, which means you can edit them anytime with the GameFS web interface or via good ol' FTP.

Instantly create a Facebook App

There has never been an easier way to build a Facebook App. Within a minute or two, you’ll be up and running with a complete app that you can customize exactly to your liking.

And the best part is, you don’t have to know anything about Facebook Apps to get started. We've taken care of all the details, so you can focus exclusively on the gameplay.

Supports all Facebook APIs

Sitebox supports all the various technologies that make up the Facebook Platform: Graph, REST, OAuth, FBML, Canvas, IFrame, etc.

However, you can build your app just fine without ever touching any of it, but isn’t it nice to know that the power is available for when you need it?

A site of your own.

Sitebox also got you covered if you just want a simple static site to host your game.

With a few clicks you'll have an entire website running on your own domain.

You'll also get a test subdomain that can be used to test and develop your website.

Complete Facebook Game example included

We want it to be as easy as possible to get started with Sitebox. That's why we’ve built a complete Facebook Game that implements all the common features seen in Facebook Games: invites, bragging by posting to wall, xp, levels and so much more.

The game is called Seedlings, and we’re providing it free of charge, complete with the full source code as an example game for Sitebox. When you make a new Facebook App, we preload it with a copy of Seedlings, so you instantly have a working site to build upon, instead of having to start from scratch.

Try the game live on Facebook »

Easy setup guide.

It requires a bit of configuration to create an App on Facebook, but not to worry, we’ve created a short guide that painlessly takes you through the entire process.

ActionScript 3 Graph API

Facebook does not provide an official ActionScript 3 Graph client, so we built one for them.

Our Facebook Graph As3 Api is free to use, fully open-source, and closely follows the design of the official Facebook Javascript Graph client.

Easy Editing

Editing your site couldn’t be easier. All the files are stored in GameFS, so you can use the built-in web editor of the admin panel to quickly edit files, or you can use your favorite FTP client to edit, upload, delete and otherwise manage your files, just like you would do with any other hosting provider.

All files are stored in GameFS

All the files for a Sitebox site is stored in a single GameFS folder, which means you can use all the GameFS methods to access the files from code, or just use the web or ftp interface to access the files.

Powerful template system

Sitebox uses a powerful template system that makes it easy to dynamically control what content gets generated. The template system closely resembles Django Templates, which makes it really easy to pick up and use for your site.

Game FS CDN & awesome caching

Sitebox uses the global GameFS Content Delivery Network to deliver static files such as images and stylesheets directly to players around the world. And since the GameFS CDN also takes care of adding proper caching headers, your users won’t have to download files again if they’ve already downloaded them once.

This ensures that your sites load super fast, no matter where your players are located.

Automatic scaling.

Just like all the other Player.IO features, you don’t have to worry one bit about scaling when using Sitebox. Requests are automatically distributed among servers and more servers are added as load increases, and all this happens without any manual work on your part.

In short; worry about how to make your game go massively viral, instead of worrying about how to handle it when it does.

Fully Hosted

When you create a site with Sitebox, you don’t need to setup any servers or host anything yourself. Everything is completely hosted by Player.IO.

Fully Documented

Sitebox comes with rich, deep documentation that describes how to get started, and how the individual components work together.
Sitebox Documentation »