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GameFS - Features - PlayerIO


The fastest way to build online games without breaking a sweat.


A file system in the cloud for all your game assets, complete with
global super-fast CDN delivery to players any place on earth.

GameFS is a scalable file system for your game, where you can store all your game-related files and assets, with no limits on how much data you can store. All files in GameFS are available via a global content delivery network, so they can be downloaded super-fast by players all over the world.

If you're building an MMO, you might store all the graphical assets in GameFS and download the files when they're needed, to speed up the initial download.

Store as much as you want

There are no limits to how much data or how many files you can store in GameFS.

No matter if you're building a small flash game or a massive multiplayer persistent world with tons of content, you can be sure there is room for your files in GameFS

Awesome Caching

All files are served to players with highly optimized http caching enabled, so your players will never have to download files more than once.

Superspeedy downloads anywhere on earth

Files are delivered via a global super-fast content delivery network (CDN), to ensure the fastest possible downloads no matter where your players are located.

Versioning & Rollback

We keep track of the latest 10 versions of every file. You can always go and download a previous version, or even rollback to an earlier version if you find bugs in the current version

Use FTP to manage your files

We believe that good ol' FTP is the easiest way to upload and manage files remotely. Thats why you can easily access your entire GameFS by pointing your favorite FTP client at and logging in with your Player.IO username and password.

Web interface

GameFS also features a complete web interface where you can upload files, create folders, rename files, delete files and folders, rollback to older versions, download old versions and even edit text, html and xml files directly in your browser.

Easiest API Ever

GameFS features the simplest API of any Player.IO Feature. It's a simple method call: simply supply your game-id and a relative path, and the method will return a url to that particular file. It couldn't be any simpler.

You can even avoid the api all together by just grabbing the permanent url for a file from the web interface.

Permanent URL

All files feature a permanent full url. These urls never change, and will always redirect to the newest version of the file, so you can embed them anywhere.

Like tiny loaders, permanent urls are excellent when you need to use a fixed url, but don't want to lose the ability to instantly update the file everywhere at once.

Distribute updatable .swf files

Tiny loaders are tiny .swf files that simply load the current version of a .swf file. They're tremendously helpful for distributing Flash games, because they allow you to instantly update your main game file across the entire internet by just uploading a new version to GameFS.

You can download a tiny loader for any .swf file that you have uploaded to GameFS.