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111   					<th>Hosting</th> 
112   					<td>Hosting it on your home broadband connection won’t be enough if your game gets popular, and dedicated hosting is very expensive.</td> 
113   					<td>Just upload the game to Player.IO and choose the plan that suits your needs best: <a href="{url 'pricing.index'}">Pricing &raquo;</a></td> 
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116   					<th>Operations</th> 

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Multiplayer - Features - PlayerIO


The fastest way to build online games without breaking a sweat.


Build realtime multiplayer games with your own custom serverside code and run it on our dedicated game servers.

Build and test your multiplayer games locally with full debugging capabilities, and deploy your serverside code to the Player.IO cluster of game servers as often as you like.

We'll host and run your multiplayer code and seamlessly add capacity as your game grows, while you only pay for the resources you use. It couldn't be easier.

Great Development Experience

In order to make development and debugging as easy as possible, we supply a powerful and easy to use development server for use during development.

  • Proper debugging

    Breakpoints & friends, see-value-on-hover and more.

  • Debug actions and visualizations

    Visualize game state to better debug tough problems

  • Shows current stats

    Connected users, current bandwidth usage and console output.

Get the best possible performance

When you choose Player.IO, you get best-in-class performance. Our servers and software are built using state of the art technology and have been stress-tested and improved upon for many years.

  • High performance

    Our servers are fast and our protocol is lean and optimized, perfect for fast action realtime games

  • Scales as you grow

    As the popularity of your game grows, more capacity will be allocated to your game, ensuring a seamless transition from a single player to tens of thousands simultaneous online players.

  • All gameplay, no housekeeping

    Don't worry about sockets, multithreading, databases, and all that stuff. We got your back.

You'll never be happier

It's cheaper, easier and faster to develop online games with Player.IO. See for yourself:

Issue Do It All Yourself Player.IO
Server software You can either spend a lot of time developing your own, or you can spend a lot of money buying one that's built for generic communication. We provide the Player.IO development server for you to develop against, which is made especially for Flash multiplayer games.
Server communication You need to learn whichever programming language the server uses, you need to figure out how to communicate with your game client, and you might have to learn socket programming and multithreading. We provide a simple Flash API that handles all the server communication, and we provide a .Net API for the server. This means you can use any language that is supported by the .Net CLR to develop the server part of your game, for example C#, VB.Net or J#.
Lobby and Chat You need to not only develop your actual game in Flash, you also have to develop a lobby system for matching people up, and an in-game chat for your players. We provide an example lobby and chat in the combo package that you can easily modify to suit your needs.
Hardware You need to buy or rent dedicated server hardware for your server software. Your game will run on the Player.IO server cluster.
Hosting Hosting it on your home broadband connection won’t be enough if your game gets popular, and dedicated hosting is very expensive. Just upload the game to Player.IO and choose the plan that suits your needs best: Pricing »
Operations Become your own IT support and make sure your server software is always running properly. Player.IO manages all the server software and hardware, so you won't have to.
Scaling You need to make sure your server scales properly, and you need to anticipate the hardware need and buy/rent more servers if needed. Player.IO will seamlessly scale up as demand for the game increases, and we will make sure there is always enough server capacity.