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The fastest way to build online games without breaking a sweat.


Easily and securely connect and authenticate with users from Facebook and Kongregate or register and authenticate your own users.

Easy Facebook Integration

QuickConnect for Facebook makes it easy to build games on Player.IO that leverages the Facebook platform. It doesn't matter what kind of Facebook application you are making, you can still easily and securely connect to the Player.IO services.
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Easy Kongregate Integration

QuickConnect for Kongregates makes it easy to use the Player.IO services in a Kongregate game. You can easily and securely connect to the Player.IO services with an authenticated Kongregate user.
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A login system for just your game.

If you just want a separate login system for your game, QuickConnect for Simple Users allows you to easily register and sign in users by storing them in our database. This is perfect if you just want to get started with your game, since you can export and move your users at any point in time.
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Use the browse feature to get a quick insight into who is playing your game. To make it even easier you can choose to only view users from specific services. export users

Your game, your users

While users are stored in our database and accessed via our API it's still your users! You can always export the users and work with them outside Player.IO.

Authenticating users

Not only do we make it easy to work with users - we do it securely by verifying the authenticity of all users directly with the 3rd party userbase on every sign in. Thus ensuring that your userbase is always valid and up to date.

More on security

QuickConnect is tightly integrated with all other Player.IO features, making it easy to use the existing access management system to control who has access to what.

Start now

Implementing QuickConnect into your game is easy. Start by viewing the documentation. errorlog overview errorlog overview

Easiest Facebook Integration on the planet

For the easiest Facebook integration in the world, just call the facebookConnectPopup() method.

Your players will be shown a Facebook connect dialog and taken through a login process, and you'll get a connected Player.IO Client back, when they're fully logged into Facebook.

Facebook enabling your games has never been easier.