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PayVault now supports iOS, Google Play, and Steam

Posted: 9 Nov 2016

PayVault has just been given a much-needed refresh. We've added support for the most requested providers, iOS, Google Play and Steam, and we've removed the providers that have ceased to be relevant for monetizing a Flash or Mobile game today.

For mobile developers, the official support for iOS and Google Play has been a long requested feature. With it, you can easily add in-app purchases to your games and manage virtual goods through PayVault.

We've also released support for Steam in-app purchases. This functionality also ties neatly into the Steam Authentication feature, which allows you to securely authenticate Steam users in your game.

So check out the updated list of PayVault Providers, try them out, and let us know if you have a favourite monetization solution that you're missing and would like us to add support for.