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PlayerIO Publishing Network

Posted: 13 Jun 2017

When Yahoo Games shut down last year, we took over the PlayerIO Platform, but Yahoo decided to shut down its games site,, which unfortunately had a big impact for many developers on this platform.

We’re now launching the PlayerIO Publishing Network, which aims to fill this hole. It is going to be a network of game sites and destination portals, where you can publish your game once and it appears on all participating sites and portals.

Today, we're launching the first site in the network, Playsian, and we are working hard on getting deals with more partners and destination sites to increase the reach of the network.

You can publish any web game on the network by simply integrating with the Publishing Network Canvas. If your game is a PlayerIO game, the integration is almost effortless! Just create a new connection for your Authentication, use the new client library methods to do PayVault payments, and host the Canvas page with SiteBox, and you’re done.

We have huge plans for the PlayerIO Publishing Network, and we're excited to be sharing this opportunity with all of you!