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Flash, AS 3 and first hours here - simpleregister example

Postby Liquidsun » November 10th, 2011, 12:02 pm

Hi all from Italy,

First thing: pardon my English, then let's start immediately with the "serious stuff":

I started in those days only my quest with PlayerIO and I'd like to understand better a couple of things: I do have some knowledge of PHP, JS, mysql and relational DBs, but only a very, very, VERY small knowledge of Flash and AS ... anyway... I'm tryin' to understand the logics/flaws of connecting with quickConnect (simple) and flash and I found this example:

Mixing together (in some way) that example and the code of the games examples (let's say chainreaction) I'd like to test the simple connect, with a registration, login form and then linking to another flash-form, putting there some of the player data... The "problem" is that I'd like to have the NECESSARY scripts and nothing more (which are the absolutely necessary scripts? How to "link them" to the example?...and/or similar)

Could anyone help me in this "cleaning and mental-ordering process", please? I don't need a deep explanation of everything, just some tip to better understand the Flash and AS Flaws throughout that example (or are there better ones?) . Is a too big request thinking about a zip file with 3 flash forms and the code for it?

Any kinda help will be appreciated, thank you all in advance.
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