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IGVault Lost Ark Gold Guide: 8 Ways To Make Gold

Postby lostarkgoldigv » August 25th, 2022, 3:39 am

Are you struggling to make Lost Ark Gold in Lost Ark? This guide will help you gather enough currency to hone, buy gear, or simply progress in the game. There are many gold farming methods in Lost Ark, but most of them reward only small amounts of currency. Thus, it is important to try and do as many as possible.

Complete Daily & Weekly Challenges

This tip is more for when you are getting into the endgame, but it's absolutely worth doing. Once you reach level 50, you will unlock Una's Tasks, this game's version of daily and weekly challenges. Completing these challenges will get you a currency called Una's Tokens, which you can then convert to gold. This is currently one of the fastest and most reliable ways to consistently earn gold in Lost Ark. So do it!

Complete Gateway Maps

Gateway maps are connected to he co-op-focused Voyage missions and if you are looking to earn gold quickly in Lost Ark, you need to keep an eye out on these. Completing Gateway maps will give you a nice gold reward. So grab a friend or other kind of partner and go do those missions!

Sell Gear Honing Materials

The number one rule to making any currency in an MMORPG is to sell the things that other players are too lazy to grind. In Lost Ark, Item Level is everything, which makes Gear Honing materials the cream of the crop. There are a number of ways you can farm Gear Honing materials such as Harmony Shards, Guardian Stones, and more.

Try joining a guild and completing guild requests for Sylmael Bloodstones to exchange for Gear Honing materials. If you have a surplus of Pirate Coins, there is also the Tea and Libra Guild Vessel to be found docked outside any major city to exchange for materials. You might want to wait to auction any Gear Honing materials until you have reached a suitable Item Level yourself, however.

Increase Your Rapport With NPCs

It is about time you cozied up to some Rapport NPCs. By now, you might already know that you can increase your Rapport with certain NPCs by committing daily actions for them, such as performing Emotes, Sheet Music, or completing Rapport quests.

Ranking up your Rapport with NPCs will eventually reap rewards, and certain NPCs even reward gold. Thirain, Neria, Ealyn, Avele, and Sasha all have gold Rapport rewards that can be redeemed. We hope you've been saving onto those Fancier Bouquets.

Complete Abyss Dungeons

Abyss Dungeons is the co-op PvE matches you can grind to acquire gold in Lost Ark.

You can invite up to three of your friends.

You can grind on Abyss Dungeons three times a week.

As you reach level 50, you can choose the difficulty level to grind on the Abyss Dungeons.

While you get 2400 gold for completing it in normal difficulty mode, you get 7000 gold for completing it in the hardest difficulty mode.

Sell your Items

You can sell crafted items on the auction houses in exchange for the gold.

Collect items acquired from herbalism, lumbering, and mining to sell them on auction houses.

You can convert them into potions and then sell them in Auction houses.

In addition to that, you can also obtain gold for selling accessories like jewelry and artifacts.

Una's Tokens

Una's tokens are one of the best ways of making gold in Lost Ark. They can be earned on a weekly basis resetting every Thursday and progress by completing daily and weekly missions on any character (main or alt). It is important to note that the number of Una’s tokens earned depends on the player’s ilevel; higher ilevel equals more tokens, which equals more gold. For instance, at 1304 ilevel, players can earn up to 705 tokens per week, which increase to 1040 at 1370 ilevel, and 1595 at 1415 ilevel.

Abyss Dungeons&Abyss Raids

Abyss Dungeons & Abyss Raids are the most challenging and most rewarding content in Lost Ark. They can be done once per week on each character and offer substantial gold rewards. For instance, Aira’s Occulus and Oreha Preveza offer 600 and 900 gold respectively on Normal mode. These can be repeated on alts with 1340 ilevel for a solid weekly income. Also, the Argos Abyss Raid offers 2700 gold for clearing it up to P3. While this is the most challenging content in the game at the moment, the rewards speak for themselves.

We've now come to the end of our Lost Ark Currency farming guide. We hope that you have found this guide useful and informative. Now you know what you need Lost Ark Currency for in Lost Ark and how you can earn it quickly. But many players prefer to buy lost ark currency at IGVault
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Re: IGVault Lost Ark Gold Guide: 8 Ways To Make Gold

Postby robertusa0106 » October 25th, 2022, 3:34 am

The post is very good and interesting, wordle and the tips you share are very true and useful.
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Re: IGVault Lost Ark Gold Guide: 8 Ways To Make Gold

Postby elliswalker » November 7th, 2022, 8:10 am

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Re: IGVault Lost Ark Gold Guide: 8 Ways To Make Gold

Postby aaronramsdale » December 2nd, 2022, 10:07 am

Making gold is not easy as expected. It requires perseverance. wordle unlimited
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