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Custom Payvault provider implementation?

Postby robscherer123 » August 12th, 2016, 7:57 pm

I know I've mentioned this before, but one of my top feature requests would still be the implementation of other Payvault providers. I have several other payment providers and offer walls who would like to host and work with me and my game, but they need their payment system implemented. Additionally, I really need to better monetize my Philippines users, and after going some research and speaking with players from there, it seems there are other primary payment providers that are used over there, paypal and such aren't used nearly as much in some countries.

At the moment, the only way to do this is basically:
1. Payment provider calls postback URL on my own website.
2. My own website validates the postback and stores it in a database on my website.
3. At specified intervals or point in time, I have my multiplayer server send a request to my website to load all non-payvault transactions.
4. The multiplayer server receives the HTTPResponse and loads a PlayerIO BigDB table that I made to see if the non-payvault transaction was already accounted for.
5. If the transaction was already accounted for, I stop the process.
6. If it was not accounted for previously, the transaction is new and I credit the users Payvault the specified amount of coins.
7. Call PlayerInsight.trackExternalPayment() to get some statistics for non-payvault transactions.

As you can see, doing this ourselves is pretty ugly. Then, another problem is the transactions can't be tracked well in the Payvault for us developers. We can't see it in our payvault statistics and we can't easily see the transaction when going to individual players payvaults, as it would just be grouped in with all other "vault history" instead of "Provider Transactions".

I imagine the currently built in PlayerIO providers only have 2 main steps:
1. Payment provider calls the postback URL on PlayerIO website.
2. PlayerIO validates and then credits the user the coins.

I think there could 3 solutions:
A. The PlayerIO team could implement developers payment provider suggestions at will. (potentially too much work for PlayerIO team).
B. PlayerIO could provide an "other" callback URL that we could call, that would store/credit transactions for non-payvault providers. We would have to attach some variables just like the other providers do (such as transaction ID, amount, etc), but it would allow for an infinite amount of payvault providers to be implemented. (Possibly easiest/best solution)
C. PlayerIO could allow us direct access to edit our Payvault tables through the use of PHP (or whatever backend the Payvault uses) in the GameFS section (or a new section) where we could create our own postback URLs that directly edit the Payvault table. (This is probably too unsafe for the PlayerIO team to implement however as it might expose the back-end too much, or may be too much work to implement this new system)

So yea, that's just my 2 cents. I'd really love (and need) to implement some other payment providers, but the current method has me holding off until there is a cleaner and better way of doing so.
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Re: Custom Payvault provider implementation?

Postby ChristianD » August 13th, 2016, 4:16 am

Hi Robby,

We're working our way through stability and features, and we will get to Payvault soon, and we will implement more providers.

If you are super desperate to add a provider, the best way to do it yourself would be to have a .Net webserver that you control, because it can then use the PlayerIO .Net client through an admin connection that you've given access to credit players, and give items to users. So when your payment provider hits the callback url on your server, you'll need to figure out which user it is, and then give that user his coins or items, given that the callback is properly verified.
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Re: Custom Payvault provider implementation?

Postby aseemgarg321 » August 13th, 2016, 12:29 pm

hey Chris,

Do you mean that if we have a ".Net Server" then we can Make it behave like a client..

For eg.. My Game is multiplayer game and a room is started when so ever a player wants to play with another player..
Now as soon as my first player Join (or room is created). Can I make a webservice call to this ".NetServer" and ask it to join my room as client.. So that even if there is Fluctuation of mobile data network of my first Player (and he disconnects)- This room is not closed, and game state is not lost?

Only thing here is - I need to control the kicking of client generated from ".NetServer" as soon as its time to close room..

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Re: Custom Payvault provider implementation?

Postby robscherer123 » August 16th, 2016, 3:28 pm

Hmm, yea I suppose I will just try to wait a bit more until more providers are added. The current work-around for adding our own it is just a bit too messy at the moment. Thanks for the info.
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