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Monetization question

Postby Maras » August 4th, 2013, 9:20 am


In my game (old version - (new version isn't released yet)) I have two types of items - avatar upgrades (visual armors and weapons) and consumable potions.

There are 35 potions from 1 coin up to 75 coins. The best potion costs equivalent of $1.6 - $2 (depends on how many coins the players buys).

There are all kinds of potions but just for the explanation:
Potion for 1 coin deals 12 dmg (Players have 150 hps, shields and ways to regenerate)
Potion for 75 coins deals 56 dmg

Players can use only one potion per game. Players gets 0-3 coins per win (depending on skill of their opponent)

So I have few questions:
- Will it sell well, or $1.6 is too much for one consumable potion? (some players already played more than 3k games, so one game might be quite insignificant

- If it will sell, would it be considered as pay to win? (Players can deal even more than 56 damage in one turn if they are experienced or get lucky)

- What do you think about pay2play* like in Zookeeper Battle? ... ogle&hl=cs

*every 6 minutes, you get one energy with energy treshold up to 2 - one game cost one energy. You can refill energy bar for real money. There are a lot of events which have nice rewards and are time limted, so the player usually want to play more than two games every 12 minutes

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Re: Monetization question

Postby Maras » August 4th, 2013, 9:42 am

One more thing:
Both games (my game and Zookeeper Battle) are match3 but zookeeper battle is match3 ASAP and my game is strategic (and on the same board)

Zookeeper have different gameplay - some adrenaline and really short battles (1-2 minutes). In my game, match takes 5-7 minutes and its about thinking not finding combinations quickly.

But this is the reason why pay2play wouldnt work that well in my game, right?
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