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Release notes for version 1.0.3

Postby Oliver » February 4th, 2010, 3:32 pm

Hi Guys,

We've just released version 1.0.3.

Here is the changelog

  • ErrorLog: (In beta) This is a new component that will allow you to keep track of errors from your serverside and your clientside code. Exceptions from the serverside code are automatically saved to the error log. There is also a new method for actionscript 3 to log errors. We'll be adding documentation and features section for the error log soon.
  • The number of online players and rooms in the admin panel are now much more live (At max a lag of 5 seconds)
  • The development server will now show an error message if it cannot listen to port 8184
  • First baby steps towards Mono support for OS X (development server should be able to boot under OS X now) (very unsupported still)
  • VB.NET projects for serverside code is now supported.

Bugsand issues fixed
  • Fixed the missing-rooms-during-development bug
  • More time for the development server to close rooms when it's closed.
  • Room names and userids for .connect() are now case sensitive (i.e, userid "Bob" is not the same as userid "bob" and room "Hey" is not the same as room "hey")
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