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Is PlayerIO growing or declining?

Postby Zenithin » August 17th, 2017, 4:40 pm

I am developing my game and planning to use PlayerIO for its multiplayer Backend.
It seems a nice platform with lot of features but makes me wonder how many other games are really using it?
Why is there no showcase or anything about any big/small games using playerIO.

Since forum is very less active it makes a new developer wonder if the service is still growing and will not be closed soon. This is specially when major thing you find on google about PlayerIO is that it got bought by Yahoo then again closed and bought by Games Network .

EDIT: To anyone thinking of using PlayerIO . This seems to be awesome solution. I was able to shift my game realtime code from another place to here in a few hours. Also this has a lot more features which I would love to test . I wonder why so less people are using it? Or why there is no noise anywhere about PlayerIO. :O
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Re: Is PlayerIO growing or declining?

Postby Emalton » August 18th, 2017, 2:42 am

Hi Zenithin, and welcome to PlayerIO!

There are many people that use PlayerIO's services, the forums are not lively but the services are. If you want a really good example of PlayerIO in action I suggest checking out Astroflux, or Everybody Edits.

It most definitely won't be closed soon, I asked the same question when I was new too. The current owners wouldn't have bought it from Yahoo if they didn't envision a future for it.

It really is an amazing service with unbeatable prices I hope you do stick around, and if you ever need help feel free to ask. While you may not get a reply instantly, everyone is extremely helpful and will share insight into how their games become successful.

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