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BigDB and a quick question.

Postby EssenceWorlds » December 4th, 2013, 11:00 pm

BigDB and a quick question with a seemingly obvious answer.

Are Player.IO's services and more specifically the BigDB only accessible when online and through your services, or can they be used locally independent from the Internet?
I have read through the quick materials and have not dug into the good stuff yet and have not found a solid answer.

I have a project that once completed, I am planning on rebuilding and refocusing on a different design goal, but a large chunk of the previous project will be left untouched and I was hoping to get a good database going that I could use initially and then with minimal adjustments(at least at the core) reuse it for a follow up.

The big difference is with the first project it's all offline single player, with perhaps an online scoreboard at the most. Each single player game would eventually get to the point where there are tens of thousands of objects so obviously if Player.IO must be tied to an online account I would exceed the basic free services with just two people playing.

Thanks for the heads up in advance!
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Re: BigDB and a quick question.

Postby Henrik » December 4th, 2013, 11:58 pm

Yes, online only.

In your case though, if it's offline and single-player, why not use local storage instead? The benefit BigDB offers is that no matter where the user connects from, the game has access to all his data, and all the data of all the other players. If that's not important for your game, then why use BigDB?
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Re: BigDB and a quick question.

Postby EssenceWorlds » December 5th, 2013, 5:38 pm

Thanks for your reply.

The main reason I was hoping to use BigDB was to skip a large section of rewriting code that I will be re-using to an extent after the initial project is done.
The initial project gets a backbone setup and turns out a single player experience, but once that is done that backbone will be shifted and moved into a online multiplayer design. I was hoping to find a easy to use DB that I could migrate to an online setup without having to rewrite all the code to do so, and I liked the offerings of Player.IO so I figured I would see where it would take me.

At this point as you said it seems that I will just use a local DB and then recode it to use a new one when I am ready. Just trying to be efficient as possible with my time as it's been very limited as of late.
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