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Postby tamanna122 » April 30th, 2022, 6:28 am

So yes, the world” explained Ángel to continue clarifying “... I know many companies that I have helped to transform digitally, and they used to not pay attention to the online part. Because Latest Mailing Database many entrepreneurs did not see in it the core of their business. Now with the confinement situation they have realized that it is something they should pay attention to and they are dedicating people exclusively to it. This increases the quality and makes the customer repeat” he explained. For Ángel, today it is imperative to have online sales capabilities. Punctually due to Latest Mailing Database confinement issues, but in the long term, because society has tried ecommerce and has finished accepting it. Something that for Ángel means that this boom in online commerce is not a temporary issue, but represents a structural change in the way we relate commercially.

“Online sales have become something to pay attention to from a business point of view… it has to be the core of the business or the second core… Regardless of what happens Latest Mailing Database with the pandemic. This is going to establish itself as a pattern and a pattern in crescendo” , affirmed Ángel Niño. Madrid as a capital for self-employed entrepreneurs City of Madrid Undoubtedly for many people "entrepreneurship" and "technology" are two words that always Latest Mailing Database go hand in hand. However, "undertaking" and "financing" seem not to have that unquestionable symmetry. Especially in Spain, where historically it has been said and repeated on a thousand occasions, that not enough is invested in supporting entrepreneurs.

We also talked about this with Ángel, who appealed to the numbers of his properties to give us an answer. “The 2019 budget for entrepreneurship and innovation in the Madrid City Council was Latest Mailing Database approximately 1,400,000 euros. In 2020, in the budgets in which I was already involved, we have gone to 4,400,000 euros. We need more entrepreneurs in politics, because only then will we be able to understand how necessary entrepreneurship is for cities and countries. Entrepreneurship is the only way to grow in a sustainable and linear way” explained Latest Mailing Database Ángel, insisting on the urgent need to increase the budgets to aid entrepreneurship, as a great mechanism to start the engine of the economy in Spain. “In the end, wealth is not created by public administrations. We are mere money managers who decide where one budget item or another goes.
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