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Cpu time availability

Postby Nigan » June 21st, 2019, 11:32 am

Hello everyone,,,are there any limits to how much cpu time can be used by your game in average. I am planning to make a simple fighting game with server simple server sided physics. there wont be any unnecessary objects or anything.
I know there is a 100ms limit for codes, but does that mean that a code can in total only run for 100ms even over a long time, or does it merely mean that a code cannot run more then 100ms at a time. but if it takes a pause every once in a while it can run as long as it needs to.
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Re: Cpu time availability

Postby robscherer123 » June 21st, 2019, 2:31 pm

The 100ms means that it cannot take more than 100ms for a single operation to complete. So you can't lockup the CPU for 100ms at a time. That being said, there aren't any other limits as to how much cpu power you can use. However if your running on the public PlayerIO cluster (meaning you haven't purchased a private server) and your code is hogging up a large amount of CPU constantly (like 70%+), chances are a PlayerIO staff member may notify you at some point. All in all, if your following generally good programming practice I should think your code execution time should be pretty low.
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