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Postby obelisk » May 20th, 2018, 12:44 pm

Hi there,

PlayerIO has aged quite a bit, and I think I anticipated a lot more to come from the purchase after Yahoo.

I have experienced so many issues with PlayerIO over the years and generally would just have to work around them (or write our entire own backend to match on a couple products), but one thing that I can't work around so well is the management panel UI.

The room management is absolutely horrendous. The 'Close Room' used to not always work because of a bug where two rooms with the same ID could be made through a bug (believe this still is possible, which I reported years ago - allowed users to perform serious exploits on my products), or two of the same account could join a room but the room only reports 1 user (with 2 connections present) if they connected at the same time.

Anyways, the 'Rooms' shows 50 of <x> rooms. There's no actual paging. There's no way to sort by room type. The information you can gather on a room from this management panel is pretty limited. Sometime's there's a room with broken timers and it can be a pain for me to figure out which one without debugging things with the users reporting the issues...(Usually caused by general errors, or timers simply no longer processing at all in a room)

It would be nice to have:
    Room type listing
    Ability to see users within a room
    Ability to disconnect user within a room (far less important)
    Did I mention paging, so we can actually see all the rooms?

I don't expect anything but figured I would try.
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