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Why see me double on Join?

Postby satoshifurude » December 21st, 2015, 11:33 pm

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                chatter.Send("privmsg", p.Id, "joinSuccess");
                p.Send("pubmsg", p.Id, "join", chatter.ConnectUserId.Split('b')[1], chatter.PlayerObject.GetString("fbname"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetString("skin"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("highscore"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("rounds"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("mp_won"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("mp_lost"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("level"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("xp"), chatter.PlayerObject.GetInt("prestige"), "hat=&glasses=&mouth=&hands=&shoes=&back=");
                Broadcast("joinSuccess", playerList);
give there why to fix it always i see me double if other players joins they dont see really im there just they self see sorry for my bad english.
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