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Integration with UnityPurchasing and Google Store

Postby lauromrcruz » January 22nd, 2018, 9:31 pm


I'm using unity for my front end and I'm try to add the IN APP BILLING service from Google Store.

I'm using the plugin from unity service IN-APP PURCHASING and the code is in c#

when a purchase happen the IN-APP PURCHASING is calling the method bellow

public PurchaseProcessingResult ProcessPurchase(PurchaseEventArgs args)

on the parameter args there is this information: args.purchasedProduct.receipt
and I have the key from the google store:

with this information a dictionary is created

info.Add("inapp_signed_data", args.purchasedProduct.receipt);
info.Add("inapp_signature","MY KEY FROM GOOGLE STORE");

and the follow call is done:

_client.PayVault.UseBuyInfo("googleplayv2", info, successPayVault, failurePayVault);

the result:

InvalidPurchageArguments: invalid "inapp_signature", does match "innap_signed_data"

any help?
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Re: Integration with UnityPurchasing and Google Store

Postby Henrik » February 13th, 2018, 8:10 pm

You got help long ago, but for anyone else reading this message, here's what to do:

The key from google store goes in the PlayerIO PayVault configuration.
inapp_signed_data and inapp_signature are two underlying properties of a Google Play receipt, and you need to drill down into the Unity purchasing component to retrieve those two values, you can't just send in the entire receipt.
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