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client.Yahoo.Payments.ShowBuyCoinsDialog nothing happens

Postby Zanleo » March 25th, 2015, 8:44 am

For Unity i call
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   100,                                                //coinamount
   new Dictionary<string, string>() {                  //dialog arguments
      { "name", "100 Coins" },
      { "description", "100 Coins for your game!" },         
      { "icon", "http://urlToSome.png" },
      { "currency", "usd"}
   delegate(Dictionary<string, string> info)
   {         //success callback
      //Purchase completed
         //Vault now contains the new balance
   delegate(PlayerIOError error)
      //Purchase cancelled or failed

After it, I expect that will be called any delegate.
But nothing happens.
No exceptions generated when this function is called, some delegate is not called.
How do you know what I'm doing wrong?
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