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Facebook local currency -> payVault.refresh

Postby ySandsOfTimey » November 11th, 2014, 10:57 pm


we are about to add a Facebook-Version of pawPalPuzzle (Flash AS3).
We have got one issue with the payment.

When the Facebook .ui method is called (with the param of the callback of payVault.getBuyCoinsInfo), the FB-Javascript payment dialog is shown correctly.

When our test-payment is done, we also get a callback from the javascript .ui - method which tells us that the payment was successful.
When we then do a payVault.refresh, in the callBack we still get our old coin amount ( client.payVault.coins).

In most cases, the value is correct after a second call of payVault.refresh. Sometimes a third one is needed.

Our current solution is to call payVault.refresh in every refresh-callBack again, till the value has changed. But we think this is not a good solution...

Can somebody give us a hint, why the payVault.refresh seems to be not synced to facebook and tell us if there is a better solution?

thanks in advance,

Lars Mohrmann
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