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Cost to implement another payment method?

Postby robscherer123 » April 9th, 2014, 10:33 pm

Hello! I had a question. There is the site and (same site) and a while back they were interested in my game. They have their own payment system just like Kongregate does. They'd like me to implement it into my game. It's a very solid looking payment system and everything by the looks of it. They send a postback to the url of my choice whenever I set up my game. My question is if I could get someone from Yahoo Games Network (PlayerIO) to implement it so that it works like the other payment providers? I would be willing to pay someone for this if I could just get some more details or a contact email or anything?

On a side note: I think MiniJuegos is partnered with Yahoo in some way, at least that's what the CEO told me, so maybe that's good?
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