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Supporting 100% free game

Postby oyar » May 14th, 2014, 1:07 am

At Player.IO times, game backend's pricing model was pay-per-use. Now, after being part of Yahoo Games Network, the pricing model has change to a revenue share.

How a 100% free to play game, in other words, a game that has no income, fits in this pricing model?

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Re: Supporting 100% free game

Postby AquamentosGames » July 8th, 2014, 5:54 pm

'Free' is not the same as 'Revenue-less'.

If your game truly garners no revenue (and has more than 5000 players) then 5% (or 10%) of 0$ is 0$.

I don't think they had completely revenue-less games in mind when they made the model, but as long as you are submitting your reports every month they really have no grounds to complain unless they change the model. (Under the old plan you'd be paying out-of-pocket and receiving no money... why would you do that?)

Now that said.. I would expect a Free game to be hosted on a site such as Kongregate or even Yahoo! Games Network proper. These sites give a revenue share to the game based on advertising traffic. For Y!GN it's 30% ... I don't remember what Kong's is off the top of my head. The way I understand the terms of service that counts as revenue to be factored into the pricing plan. This is why you have to submit a manual report rather than them just deducting it out of the PayVault income, because the calculation includes revenue from other sources (even your own advertising network if you imbed it in game - such as Mochi Media if they were still around.)

The manual paperwork each month reminds me of income tax, and I hope they develop a way to streamline it.
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