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How to Price Game Objects

Postby ASH1138 » December 30th, 2012, 7:09 am


I am adopting a microtransaction model for my RTS game for the Epic Flash Game Contest, so I would like to ask how much is "reasonable" to price stuff in the game.

I am considering selling units such as tanks and Infantry for a price. Players can build them in the game anyway, but ideally, they would take such a long time to build that some people would rather buy them off the shelf anyway.And I will also offer inGame money for real money. In the future, maybe I could sell "exclusives" such as unique units and superweapons, but I havent quite the time to put those in yet =p.

Right now, here is what I have;

Infantry are sold at 100 soldiers per army. To build a squad of 5 soldiers normally takes 30s, and cost $500 of inGame money. Selling rate: $1 per 100 infantry.

Tanks are sold at 10 per army. To build each tank takes about 1min 30s, and cost $1500 of ingame money. Selling rate: $1 per 10 tanks.

In Game money: $20000 of inGame money cost $1 to buy. To earn about $20000 in the game, a typical player has to wait for 30mins.

Point me in the right direction plz :) :arrow: Too cheap, too expensive?
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Re: How to Price Game Objects

Postby Benjaminsen » January 4th, 2013, 11:27 am

Honestly, there is no way to know without doing some user testing.
Personally for my game Everybody Edits, I found that a day is worth about 1$. E.g. users will use 1$ to skip one days of effort. However that number will change very much depending on who plays your game.
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