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SuperRewards and GameGambit

Postby Vania » July 20th, 2011, 4:05 am

I've seen those two payment options in a couple of playerio games,
and if I'm not mistaken it said the users can earn free coins.

I checked their website but I still dont get how they work.
Could someone explain to me how this works?
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Re: SuperRewards and GameGambit

Postby Henrik » July 20th, 2011, 4:22 am

SuperRewards, Gambit, TrialPay and TapJoy all have something called 'offerwalls'. It's basically a web page you show either as a popup or an IFrame overlay where players are presented with offers that they can complete in order to earn coins in your game. The offerwalls show how many coins each offer will reward, and what the player has to do to complete it, and also usually allow filtering and direct purchases.

The types of offers depends on the provider, but usually ranges from free offers where the player has to watch a video or sign up for a newsletter, to paid offers where the player has to purchase something, and get coins on the side.

You as the developer can also do a lot of setup for each provider where you specify the exchange rate, and what types of offers you want, or payout ranges, but exactly what you can do depends on the provider. You'll have to get more information from them, or sign up and check out the controls you have there.
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