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How do I check if a captcha is invalid?

Postby SirJosh3917 » December 31st, 2017, 5:02 am

I'm trying to setup a system where when the user is registering for my game, they get presented a captcha, and can keep on trying the same old captcha over and over again. My problem is, is that if the user times out ( e.g. they get interrupted and come back later ), they'll input the code for the captcha, but sure enough PlayerIO has removed the captcha because of timing out on their servers, so the user just gets presented with an "error" captcha, and the only way to resolve this is to refresh the page and start creating a new account.

I'd like to know how I could check if a captcha has been invalidated. Is the only way to generate a new captcha every time? I'd like to avoid this because wouldn't more captchas cause extra game bandwidth to be wasted?
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Re: How do I check if a captcha is invalid?

Postby Henrik » January 1st, 2018, 8:47 pm

No, generate a new captcha every time, it's fine.
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