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Disconnected from server

Postby Qurious Media » March 22nd, 2017, 5:25 pm

Hi All,
I am new to playerIO. I am trying to run examples given into PlayerIO SDK.
I tried Flash - > MyGame example and made sample game on playerIO and copy - paste game into AS3 code. But after connecting to local server successfully, after sometime it disconnect automatically and player automatically left the room.

I am using macbook pro for development and visual studio express.
I am using Flash CC for development.

Logs at server side :
[21:27:43 in 'test'] Room created.
[21:27:43 in 'test'] => Game is started: test
[21:27:43 in 'test'] User 'RAVI' joined.
[21:27:47 in 'test'] User 'RAVI' left.
[21:27:47 in 'test'] => RoomId: test
[21:27:47 in 'test'] Room closed.

Log at client side :
Sucessfully connected to
Sucessfully connected to the multiplayer server
Recived the message [playerio.Message]
type: hello world
length: 0
content: Id Type Value

Player with the userid 1 just joined the room
Recived the message [playerio.Message]
type: UserJoined
length: 1
content: Id Type Value
0 int 1

Disconnected from server

I am not getting why user left room automatically and why user get disconnected from server.

Thank you.
Qurious Media
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