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Captcha in JPG or PNG

Postby tpitman » July 5th, 2013, 12:05 am

Is there a way to get the Quickconnect SimpleRequestCaptcha to return a URL pointing to a JPG or PNG instead of Gif?
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Re: Captcha in JPG or PNG

Postby TheStrategist » July 14th, 2013, 6:32 am

It's not possible for the player io website to return the captcha image in the JPG or PNG file format as the images are never stored, i.e. no static reference. Instead the website dynamically generates the captcha using the same text but different textures/styles at a specific matching generated URL string. The end result is a GIF image that is being displayed.

As Unity does not support GIF's being applied to textures, this only leaves us with certain choices to workaround it, some examples include:

1. Use a custom script that runs client side to generate a captcha, for obvious reasons this is flawed
2. Get the binary data of the GIF image and store it in a byte[], create a temporary file with the .bytes extension and store the binary data. Then load the bytes using TextAsset to read the data and apply it to a texture.
3. Save the GIF captcha image, rename extension as a JPG and then apply it to a texture (at run time, of course)
4. Using an intermediary web service to interpret and convert but IMO this would be using more resources/bandwidth for something that's probably not worth it. You may as well just use your own captcha generator running on your own web sever.

If anyone knows a simplified way of using Player IO captcha with Unity... please let us know, I for one would really appreciate it.
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