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Blocking multiple logins

Postby jgold » February 28th, 2013, 12:25 am

Looking for suggestion or more information on blocking multiple login of the same user through quick connect. I am not using multi-user connectivity and I am pretty much using just for user accounts and payvault at the moment. Basically I just want to avoid someone spending cash and sharing their account to 1000 people. I thought of maybe adding a big db item with the date and login count for that day and blocking more then 25 or something, but am wondering if someone has a more eloquent solution to suggest :).
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Re: Blocking multiple logins

Postby sebas77 » July 11th, 2013, 4:39 pm

I was about to open a new thread on this topic, since I was surprise to not find this option already implemented in QuickConnect.

Do the IO team have some advices on this topic? I need the users to not be able to connect twice.
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Re: Blocking multiple logins

Postby Henrik » July 11th, 2013, 10:15 pm

First of all, connecting through QuickConnect doesn't give you a persistent connection, so there's no active state you can check, and there's no connection identifier. You could make one yourself through BigDB, but it would all still be client-side, so a determined player could easily hack it anyway.

On the server-side though, you have the connectUserId of all players in a room, so you can make sure people aren't firing up multiple clients and playing against themselves in the same room.

You could also always use optimistic locking in BigDB, that way you can detect if a players BigDB data has been modified elsewhere when you are writing data, and then disconnect the client or something. That also prevents a lot of hacking such as item duplication, etc.

But the main reason there's no built-in functionality for this is that we don't see this as a huge problem. Why would people play as someone else? Shouldn't they want to have their own progress in the game, their own score, their own inventory, etc?

You could also stick to Facebook QuickConnect, or Kongregate, people are a lot more reluctant to share login info there.
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