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payment fee confusion

Postby JeTSpice » August 7th, 2015, 11:23 pm

So, it looks like, in order to use Yahoo Games Network, I pay a percentage of the income that the game makes.

1.) If the game is hosted on another site, but it is using YGN, then do I pay a percentage of the ad revenue I make on the hosted site to Yahoo?
2.) If the game is pirated and gets a bunch of plays on a site that I do not receive any ad revenue from, then do I owe nothing from those pirated sites?
3.) What about in-app purchases... do I pay YGN a percentage from those sales?

4.) If I have PlayerIO installed in the game, but it is NOT being used -- i.e., flash checks if the game is being hosted on a pirated site, and if so, it does not use YGN -- do I owe a percentage from any income generated from those pirated sites?

Just want to know because once your game gets pirated, there can be 90% more plays, and you're not making any ad revenue.
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