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Cocos2d-x + for MMO?

Postby coreyguo » April 30th, 2013, 1:03 pm

Hey all,

We've been doing lots of research on this topic and we're still a bit confued :)

We're now developing an iOS MMO strategy game that's a bit similar to Clash of Clans ( ... 79190?mt=8) .

The core gameplay is async where an online player attacks another offline player's base for loot through a matchmaking system, and we will add real-time battles later on. And you can use the resource to upgrade the towers for better defense. The frontend of the game is already being developed using cocos2d and we are looking at options for server end of the game. Do you guys think fits the needs of this project? We don't have too much experience with server end or MMO architecture and we're thinking of using a BaaS to speed up the development.

Any comments are very much appreciated :mrgreen:
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