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Bug: userAvatar is wrong,missing file extension and mimetype

Postby LazyLand » December 21st, 2015, 1:34 pm

I've integrated our games with Yahoo authentication, and my server is getting the usertoken as a GET URL parameter.

This usertoken contains base64 a lot of user information, among which is the userAvatar, which is the URL of a user's picture.

The problem is that this userAvatar is missing a file extension, and when downloaded, also has a Content-Type of text/plain instead of image/jpeg or image/png or some other image/* mime type.

Take for example this image: ... AwiET0X7mA

The problem is that this photo doesn't always appear when placed in our flash games.

It won't even open in Firefox if you type it in the URL bar. You get a "download file" dialog instead.

Do you agree that this is a bug?

When I add an extension to the URL (like .jpg or .png) I get the corresponding mime-type, but I cannot know whether the pic is a PNG file or a JPEG file in order to place the correct extension to the end of the URL. Plus adding an extension is undocumented, and the behaviour of Yahoo might therefore change at any moment which might break my game.

Is this a bug? Will it get fixed?
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