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Yahoo payments dialog not responding on some computers

Postby LazyLand » October 6th, 2015, 4:30 pm

Our game's payment dialog (the one that yahoo presents) does not respond on two of our Windows computers (with Chrome).


Our game is , it's a Flash game, but presents the dialog with a JS call:

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window.parent.YahooGames.dialog('buy', {

On Linux/Chrome and Mac/Chrome and Windows/Firefox and SOME Windows/Chrome it works, the dialog is responsive and payments can go through. On two of our Windows machines, though (with all Chrome extensions disabled), the cancel button does not respond, the "Add new card" button does not change into a "Pay" button once other payment methods are selected with the radio buttons on the left side of the dialog, and this button does not do anything. Furthermore while normally you may click anywhere along the line of a payment method to select it, on those two windows machines with Chrome you have to click right on the radio button to select that method.

The browser's console log does not show anything different while the payment dialog loads and while I try to click on the different buttons. No errors appear in the log, which would explain what's happening.

Can anyone please help me figure what's going on with this bug? Why is it happening and how can I fix it? It's happening on Yahoo's dialog box, so it's almost impossible for me to debug it.

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Re: Yahoo payments dialog not responding on some computers

Postby codgamer101 » October 6th, 2015, 5:19 pm

Hello, I had the same issue just make sure there Flash player is up to date ;) most ppl Click ignore when it says to update the flash player.
Some ppl say that chrome auto updates (Yes) but only if u allow it to
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