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how to get started ?

Postby dorikick » November 6th, 2010, 12:57 am

I am very new to flash game programming. I am interested in How can I get started ? can someone link me to a tutorial thread or other links ?

I was leaning towards unity3d, but decided flash is the future, since Adobe has officially announced hardware accelerated 3d graphics in 2011.

thank you !
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Re: how to get started ?

Postby TobiasW » November 6th, 2010, 1:50 pm

Hey there!

If you already can program, this here may serve as a first entry point: TIGForums: Learn to code flash games for $0! An introductory tutorial to actionscript 3.0.
Other stuff could be learned by looking at example projects.

You also might want to check out frameworks like Flixel or Flashpunk.

If you cannot though, I would suggest you take up a good book on that topic. Sadly I cannot make suggestions in that department.

Good luck!
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