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I accidentally Created a very popular game

Postby zapleaf » April 2nd, 2014, 4:09 am

I spent about 5 months working on this little project of mine and I finally uploaded it to Kongregate and now the game is averaging 50+(Keeps going up) users at all time. However my Bandwith usage is huge. On it's first day (about 7-9 hours in) I am at 35.84 MB Webservice Traffic. I would love an experienced pro c# coder to over look my code and give me some helpful suggestions. I need to be able to trust you so some one with a lot of forum posts would be very appreciative. Keep in mind, I am looking for ways to lower bandwith usage, not use proper code techniques.
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Re: I accidentally Created a very popular game

Postby Guillaume » April 2nd, 2014, 12:58 pm

Can't you migrate to the new Player.IO TOS ?

The new Pricing model is much more interesting concerning theses type of need (bandwidth usage etc.), because everything is "free" for use. The Term of Service will tell that better than me.

However, in the worst case, i think that you will be migrated on the new pricing model in 2 month.

"If you signed up for the Yahoo Games Network on or after 2PM PDT, 19 March 2014, then the terms below apply to you. Otherwise, click here for the terms that apply to you which will be effective through 31 May 2014."
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