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movement with rotation & velocity

Postby Grandement » December 9th, 2010, 6:32 pm


I would like to build a multi-player game with rotation and speed. I use the tutorial code and have problems with the synchronization of the movement. I replaced the code as follows:

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         // Calculate speed and trajectory based on rotation
         players[player].speedX += players[player].thrust*Math.sin(players[player].rotation*(Math.PI/180));
         players[player].speedY += players[player].thrust*Math.cos(players[player].rotation*(Math.PI/180));
         //players[player].y -= diff/5
         players[player].speedX *= players[player].decay;
         players[player].speedY *= players[player].decay;
         //players[player].y += diff/5
         players[player].rotation += players[player].rotationSpeed;
         //players[player].x += diff/5
         players[player].rotation -= players[player].rotationSpeed;
         //players[player].x -= diff/5
      players[player].y -= players[player].speedY;
      players[player].x += players[player].speedX;

Now he synchronized not in polar coordinates, so I have to change the .dll file and change the delay in the .fla file. Unfortunately I have currently no idea how I could do it.

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