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Anyone ever get caught cheating on a game jam?

Postby Heera » February 4th, 2019, 6:12 am

With the world's biggest game jam over and done with, a friend of mine felt quite a few teams at his physical location had brought in real games to be played like its a publicity convention. Then tried to pass them off as made within the 48 hours. free netflix netflix free trial upcoming movies

I too have noticed this with both online game jams and the one physical game jam I attested. Some games felt like they had products laughably giant and finished for 24 - 48 game jams, but who am I to call them on their game? I did catch one game that was on GameJolt an entire year before the jam, but it fit the jam.

In the case of others, maybe they use better engines or have a bigger team than they let on, or perhaps they've done so many game jams that they're just efficient.

So my question is, has anyone ever been caught cheating on a game jam? Trying to search for such a thing resulted in game show cheaters and hype about game jams.
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