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Weirdest Error Ever!! Facebook SDK and PlayerIO conflict

Postby juvelez » October 20th, 2016, 1:38 am

I'm using Facebook AS3 SDK from Google-Adobe for social implementation in my game, I'm using Facebook SDK Apprequest dialogue to invite people to play my game through a button located in the multiplayer screen in the game just after created PlayerIO room for the rest of players join the game, I said WEIRDEST because Facebook SDK and PlayerIO AS3 Client are 2 separated things and one have nothing to do with the another one, but I don't understand why this error is produced just after the Facebook Dialogue is opened, I use StageWebView to show the Facebook Dialogue, so I don't know if something here can be conflicting with PlayerIO:

RangeError: Error #2006: The supplied index is out of bounds.
at flash.display::DisplayObjectContainer/getChildAt()
at Minilogo/handleEnterFrame()[C:\builddir\Client Libraries\ActionScript 3\PlayerIOClient\src\]
Cannot display source code at this location.
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