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The Future of Flash and AS3

Postby adahy » September 15th, 2015, 11:08 pm

Everyone is talking about how flash is dead/dying. I dont think it's true. I still see lots of people developing flash and coding with AS3.

I think as long as flash player is alive and games network supports this multiplayer server, flash will live.

What do you guys think? Have any of you abandoned AS3 for another language?
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Re: The Future of Flash and AS3

Postby Guillaume » September 16th, 2015, 12:34 am

As PlayerIO is my backend, i don't have abandoned, even King is using Flash.
The only problem is that if you have Flash Player < to version 18 , you have a blocking warning on Firefox (and maybe Chrome ?).

Since i have updated, everything is fine now.
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Re: The Future of Flash and AS3

Postby Pawel Wozniak » September 17th, 2015, 3:48 am

There is too much stuff (games) made in flash now on web and no alternative solution so it wouldn`t die until there will be no better choicefor makin games for web and mobil at the same time.
Pawel Wozniak
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Re: The Future of Flash and AS3

Postby » January 19th, 2016, 2:03 am
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Re: The Future of Flash and AS3

Postby » February 25th, 2016, 12:32 am

Have a look fellow AS3 devs if you haven't seen it yet. FLASH/Adobe AIR will kick always ;)

This is a post from Starling forum by Chris Campbell, who is responsible for all Flash runtimes.
Hi all!
Thank you everyone for your feedback. The team has been monitoring this thread as we work towards our Sutter release (AIR 21) and plan for the Townsend release in June (AIR 22). I know I've been less than prompt with our public roadmap updates so I thought I'd provide a list of what we'd *like* to accomplish the first half of 2016. Of course, it's very likely that some of these items will slip, but it's what we're currently targeting and would like to see added to the runtime.

First and foremost, we will remain focused on security. This work is critical for Adobe, our partners and the rest of the world. We believe our ongoing mitigation work will be important in helping us stay focused and keeping our customers secure. Nothing will trump security for us.

We also want to fix bugs! We recognize we have technical debt and we want to focus on issues that are important to our developers and customers.

As for features, AIR 21 is out in beta now and has the following new items:

* Media Auto Play for iOS & Android
* Android StageWebView debugging
* GPU Memory Information In Context3D
* Flash Player Anonymous Usage Data – BETA CHANNEL ONLY
* Support for Browser Zoom Factor in Firefox
* PPAPI vector printing on OSX
* Simplified LSO UI
* Enterprise installers for PPAPI Flash Player

Details for these items can be found in our beta release notes.

This week we added a brand new video stack for Android! We know it's not ready for primetime, but we're hoping to get feedback from developers so that we can continue the work in Townsend. The goal is to modernize our dynamic media pipeline and provide improved performance and quality. Because of release logistics, we're only putting it into this week's beta and it'll be gone next week. It will be back again in the beta channel once Sutter has been released. Definitely check out this week's labs release if you've got any interest in this area and let us know what you find on the beta forums!

We're also looking at these features for Townsend (and beyond)

* Video Texture for Flash Player
This is the same feature present in AIR, now available across the different browsers and platforms for the Player

* HiDPI support for AIR Desktop (Windows)
We supported Retina displays when Apple introduced them, now that Win 8 and 10 have brought increased support we really want to get this platform parity in place.

* Echo cancellation on Android & iOS
This request has been around for a while and we've been blocked due to licensing restrictions. We're now looking at native platform api's to get this work done.

* Linux PPAPI installers
We need to complete this work so that the Ubuntu repositories aren't the only place to find the latest Flash Player PPAPI plugin :)

* Enterprise configurable LSO location & locale properties
The varied enterprise environments have always posed a challenge for admins and Flash Player, this work should hopefully provide them increased performance and flexibility.

* 64-bit AIR - Windows
We've been wanting this for a long time (since the Mac 64-bit work was started.) Trying to work through some remaining dependencies and get this out to you.

* CORS origin header support
Important investigation and work required for Flash Player

* iOS9 multitasking and split screen support
iOS9 continues to innovate and we want to provide support for the best features that make sense for AIR

* Support for HiDPI displays in Firefox on Windows
Like AIR, Flash Player needs to do the right thing when it comes to displaying SWF's on HiDPI devices on Firefox Windows. Just waiting for some needed API's to be released by Mozilla and we'll be on our way.

* Decoupling the captive Flash Player plugin from the AIR runtime
Did you know that the AIR runtime (both captive and shared) include a copy of the NPAPI release of Flash Player? It happens to be used by AIR's Webkit when rendering HTML content that includes swf's. We want to tighten up security and instead have AIR's Webkit use the system player (which we can keep up to date separately.)

* Stage3D asynchronous texture upload
Who doesn't like performance improvements?

* Stage3D anti aliasing on mobile
Or better looking graphics :)

* Improved HTML5 Support in AIR desktop
We'd like to collaborate with the community on this one. I was hoping to find someone that has created an ANE (using CEF or something else) and learn more about their experience. Ultimately, we'd prefer this end up as an open source project.

* Support for Apple tvOS
We've heard a few folks ask about this one and figured we'd give it a shot ;) We're shooting for an extended beta to start sometime in the Townsend timeframe.

Please keep the feedback coming. We'll continue to monitor this thread and work with Daniel, Josh and Rob to provide you guys with the tools you need and want.

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